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    Welcome to Kids Love Rainbow Colours - we have fun clothes for kids!

    Our clothes are cheerful, bright & colourful and comfortable for babies, toddlers and children up to 13 years old. We also now have a small but colourful selection for adults!

    Kids really do love rainbow colours and given a choice that's what they would wear. They will love the playful happy patterns you'll find here: animals, stars, racing cars, stripes, bikes and polka dots to name a few. They will also enjoy the comfortable feel of organic materials such as cotton, velour and terry.

    And you will love these clothes too, for their pleasing look, feel and high quality. They are functional and presentable, which makes them perfect for everyday wear, they don't need ironing and wash well. Yet they are also beautiful, unique and suited for parties and celebrations.

    Apart from a few exceptions all our clothes are certified organic and made out of ecologically friendly materials. This makes them allergy and sensitive skin friendly, but also friendly to the earth, as well as to the people who make the clothes.  

    My name is Tiina Marett, I am the mother of two girls and a toddler boy and I started up Kids Love Rainbow Colours to expand the range of bright kids clothes available in Australia. My girls have always had quite different tastes. One’s favourite colour is blue, the other goes mainly for pink and yellow. They both love patterned prints and bright rainbow colours -like most kids do. Yet it hasn't been easy shopping for either of them.

    We grew tired of pink, purple and uninspiring designs of questionable quality. So after hearing many other parents' frustrations too about the limited range of kids clothes, both girls' and boys', I decided to act and look for something different.

    So here's our promise: no skimpy styles, no skull and bones, no ugly logos, no boring clothes, no ironing! We promote kids being kids and where possible we look for unisex styles, so that everybody can enjoy all the colours of the rainbow. Because not all girls love pink, and some boys do.

    I am originally from Finland and have called Australia home now for 16 years. I have stocked the shop with gorgeous labels from Scandinavia, Germany and UK and I am happy to be able to make them available in Australia via Kids Love Rainbow Colours. Read more about our brands here. I am continually on the lookout for more labels so keep coming back, there is a lot still to be discovered.


    You can also occasionally find us at selected markets in Melbourne.
    Kids Love Rainbow Colours at the Scandinavian Christmas Bazaar 2015
    (Swedish Church in Toorak, Melbourne)

    To find out where you can see us next, follow us on Facebook or Instagram & sign up for our newsletters (and get 10% off your next online order).

    To find out more, read Tiina's recent interview with Dina, from Kids Style File