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    Loud + Proud

    Loud + Proud - Where does to unusual name come from? It means "loud" as in kids and "proud" as in parents. Very fitting in today's world! But we can also be loud and proud about what the brand stands for. And that is of course providing fun & unisex, organic, non-toxic and fair trade clothing for babies and kids!

    Loud + Proud comes to us from Germany and the clothing line is manufactured in Europe. The loud pink, vibrant turquoise, bright green, sky-blue and deep red are dyed without any dangerous chemicals. And they are all GOTS certified organic cotton.

    Loud + Proud offers trendy kids' clothing, with fun, repetitive animal patterns in bright colours. The inspiration for the prints come from nature, with cute penguins, cheeky monkeys, marching elephants, little snails and many many more. The unisex patterns delight both boys and girls, making passing them on to new little people easy and joyful.

    Have fun choosing from all the patterns!

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