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    Welcoming New Organic designers to Kids Love Rainbow Colours

    Welcome, Loud + Proud, to Kids Love Rainbow Colours!

    Welcome, Loud + Proud, to Kids Love Rainbow Colours!

    Where does to unusual name come from? It means "loud" as in kids and "proud" as in parents. Very fitting in today's world!

    But we can also be loud and proud about what we stand for, the ideal which our newest brand also shares with us. And that is of course providing fun & unisex, organic, non-toxic and fair trade clothing for babies and kids!

    Loud + Proud offers trendy kids' clothing, with fun, repetitive animal patterns in bright colours. The loud pink, vibrant turquoise, bright green, sky-blue and deep red are dyed without any dangerous chemicals. The fabrics are soft and cosy, wether jersey, velour, corduroy or fleece, they are all GOTS certified organic cotton.

    Loud + Proud comes to us from Germany and is the brain child of mother of two, Barbara Schüsselbauer. She gets her inspiration for the prints from nature, with cute penguins, cheeky monkeys, marching elephants, little snails and many many more. The unisex patterns delight both boys and girls, making passing them on to new little people easy and joyful.

    All Loud + Proud clothing is manufactured in Europe. Barbara personally visits the factories in Germany and Portugal making sure that Loud + Proud continues to make sustainable contribution to man and nature.

    So check out our wonderful collection from Loud + Proud for babies and kids up to 7 years old. You will be impressed by the look and the affordability of the bodysuits and t-shirts, and have fun choosing from all the patterns. And someone, please, test the gorgeous, soft reversible baby overalls for me! All my babies are already too big!

    We welcome Gecko to Kids Love Rainbow Colours!

    We welcome Gecko to Kids Love Rainbow Colours!

    Gecko comes from green, wet and beautiful North Wales, UK, of course! It's a small family business of Emma and Ryan Davidson launched in 2014. The unique, bright and colourful clothing they create for babies and kids, I'm sure you agree, is a perfect fit to Kids Love Rainbow Colours!

    The following is fairly freely "borrowed" from Gecko's own website:

    In Gecko land it is believed that everyone regardless of age and gender deserve clothes that are

    • Bright and colourful and allow them to express themselves and stand out
    • Fit for their purpose
    • Ethical - no person, animal, or our planet should suffer to bring us fashion.
    • Reasonably prized
    • And - Unisex -because "segregating and stereotyping gender at an early age is hindering gender equality. Girls are about more than sparkles, glitter and pink. Boys deserve more variety and fun from their clothes. Neither deserve to have their likes or personality dictated to them due to their gender."

    So well said, that I wish I'd said it myself!

    And now we will let the Gecko products speak for themselves! Currently we have two wonderful prints available as pants and overalls. Both the Space and the Whales prints are unique and the material quality is both soft and durable.

    The overalls are available in sizes between 6 months and 4 years and the pants in sizes between 18 months to 5 years.

    I have personally tested the Space pants on my 2 year old busy bee. He is 89cm tall, average weight and wears a nappy. The size 18-24 months is a perfect fit for him at the moment. The pants look awesome and comfy and they certainly don't slow him down! They have been washed a few times, and still look like new.

    To introduce Gecko gorgeousness to our customers the Space -print overalls and pants are our Rainbow Specials in September!

    We welcome Winter Water Factory to Kids Love Rainbow Colours!

    We welcome Winter Water Factory to Kids Love Rainbow Colours!

    It's fresh, it's whimsical, it's bold, it's vintage, it's retro, it's organic and it's colourful. It's everything we love! Winter Water Factory is specialised in screen printing and all the gorgeous patterns are designed by the creative Stephanie Lynen, while her husband Todd Warnock is in charge of the daily administrations and marketing of their family business. Winter Water Factory uses only soft, 100% certified organic cotton and all their products are made in USA from the fabric to the last finishing touches.They believe in creating high quality products for a healthy planet and have done ever since the label was born in 2005.

    And of course we just love the name and its origins! This is not Stephanie's first ever business. As a child in Germany she was a co-founder of the original "Winterwasserfabrik" in the early 1980's.There she and her sister melted water, bottled it and sold it to their parents as "winter water"! The tradition of creating fine products from all-natural resources now continues in Brooklyn, USA.

    The baby cute rompers, boys t-shirts and girl's dresses by Winter Water Factory are gorgeous, and we have been admiring them for a while now. But we, well, me - to be honest, also immediately fell in love with their range of ladies fashion! The t-shirts and dresses with the same vintage inspired prints as in their babies and children's range! So we just had to include some of those as well. In fact right now we have more ladies fashion online than we have baby or children' s clothes from Winter Water Factory. Oops... perhaps I got side tracked a little, but I'm sure you will love it too!

    I will be soon placing more orders from Winter Water Factory, so if you have any requests for styles or prints, or to make a pre-order, please e-mail me at